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Websites optimised for humans, driven by data.

Do you need a database-driven website that adapts to the needs of your business?

Going online doesn’t have to ruin your cash flow, you can flatten the financial cost of going digital with our subscription services.

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You can have a website where making changes yourself is quicker than asking us to make them for you.

If you pay every time you need content changed, the cost can add up quickly and it’s difficult to keep track of. It can also be a slow and painful process.  

We’ll teach you how to do the most commonly needed changes to your new website along with providing a video tutorial that you can revisit. 

We take care of your website long after we’ve built it. Whatever happens, we’ll make sure you can focus on your business with confidence and peace of mind. You’ll get a monthly report showing a range of statistics including what was updated and when, a backup inventory, website up-time and it’s performance so you always know exactly what is going on behind the scenes. 

You can download an example of our monthly maintenance report here:

Website Maintenance always up to date

Always Up-to-Date

Your website software will be consistently updated ensuring it is always secure and running smoothly.

Website Maintenance with Free repair

Free Repair

Your website will be repaired for free in the event of a malware infection or hack.

Website maintenance with discounted maintenance

Discounts on Development

The cost for ad hoc development work on the website is halved for customers on our maintenance package.

Website maintenance with SSD storage

SSD Hosting

We host your website on our SSD cloud platform, or on an SSD based VPS for those with higher demand.

Web maintenance with guarantee

Service Guarantee

If, for any reason, we are unable to repair your website or restore a backup, we will build you a new one for free.

Website maintenance with reporting

Accountable Reporting

You will receive a monthly break-down of monitored up-time, updates performed, backups taken and more.

Web development can be costly when paid for upfront, that’s why we offer all of our products and services on payment plans.

This allows your company to have better cash flow and invest your money in other business generating investments without feeling the pinch. We also offer a subscription service where everything online is covered. 

Online Market Research

Knowing where you fit in your market and how you compare to the competition can help drive the direction of your business as well as your marketing strategy. You can see what your competitors are doing online and more importantly, whether it's working.

Keyword Research

To get enquires from your customers, you need their attention. In this case, it's measurable in the form of online traffic. By using search engine data, you can see which keywords and phrases get the most traffic. By using these in your online content, you'll compete in those searches.

Digital Content Strategy

Having a digital content strategy helps you focus on the channels that give your brand the best ROI while helping to plan your buyer's journey. You can take them through awareness, to relatable content followed by enquiry inspiring marketing. It also ensures consistency in your online appearance.

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